It’s time for tulips

Let's celebrate National Tulipday 2022

The third Saturday of January, on January 15th, we celebrate National Tulip Day. This day marks the start of the tulip season. Our theme is 'Share Happiness'. This year you can pick a bunch of tulips twice: one for yourself and one for your dear friend. During this event we adhere to the guidelines set by the government. Do you want to follow the tulip season digitally? We tell our story via our social media channels: Facebook TulipTime and Instagram

Opening times

Be on time!

The tulip picking garden will be open to the public at 1pm, and then you can start to pick your own tulip bouquet. The garden closes when the tulips are all picked. So come to the Dam Square and get in line!

Pick your own tulip bouquet

Pick up to 20 tulips and take them with you in a tulip bag

At the entrance to the tulip picking garden you will receive a biodegradable tulip bag, just the right size for 20 tulips. So, you can leave your own shopping bag at home!


How to recognise volunteers

The tulip picking garden is organised to celebrate National Tulip Day, the start of the (cut) tulip season. The tulip picking garden is brought to you by all the Dutch tulip growers, united in TPN, the abbreviation for Tulip Promotion Netherlands. They want to make this tulip event into a great success and they voluntarily dedicate themselves to making this day a celebration for you! You can recognise the volunteers by their orange jackets. If you have any questions for the growers, just ‘look out for an orange jacket’ and don’t hesitate to ask them anything you want to know about these beautiful flowers.


Waiting pays off during National Tulip Day

The tulip picking garden is extremely popular; make sure you arrive on time. The average waiting time is 30-60 minutes. While you wait you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and music. You can also have a look at the picking garden from the bridge, and get a good sense of the size of this unique garden.

Tulip picking garden rules

Make sure this tulip party can be enjoyed by everyone

  1. Please take care of yourself and your personal belongings; they are your responsibility.
  2. You will receive a tulip bag from the organization.
  3. Do not bring your own shopping bag into the picking garden.
  4. Pick your own bouquet of tulips (maximum 20 stems), we want to give as many visitors as we can a chance to pick their own bouquet.
  5. Enjoy and share your happiness with everyone you love on #timefortulips #tuliptime.


What do you do with the bulb?

Is the bulb still attached to the flower?The bulb has used up all its energy on the (cut) tulip, and it will not flower again. What can you do with the bulb? You can leave the tulip bulb in place and put the tulips in a vase, with little water. Or cut the stem of the tulip bulb (diagonally) and put the tulips in a vase with water.

This way you can enjoy your tulips for a longer time:

  • Put the tulips in the vase when they are still wrapped in the paper or foil for an hour. The tulips become saturated with water and this helps them to stay straight.
  • Choose a clean vase that's tall: tulips will grow a few more centimetres.
  • Keep tulips away of sunlight and fruit bowl.
  • Tulips are very thirsty, so fill the vase regularly.

Frequently asked questions about the tulip picking garden

Is your question answered?

National Tulip Day has been celebrated at Dam Square since 2012, with a huge tulip picking garden. Here are the most frequently asked questions:
The tulip picking garden opens to the public at 1pm and closes when all the tulips have been picked. Make sure you are on time!
The organisation will provide you with a special tulip bag (biodegradable), so you don’t have to worry about taking a bag with you. Per person you are allowed to pick max. 20 tulips.
You can pick up to 20 tulips per person, this is the amount that will fit perfectly in the bag. The tulips will remain in good condition until they reach your vase.
The tulip bulbs have given all their energy to the (cut) tulip and will not flower again.
The tulip picking garden is organised by National Tulip Day. This day marks the start of the (cut) tulip season. The tulip picking garden is brought to you by all the Dutch tulip growers.
You don't have to pay any entrance, to visit the tulip picking garden.