It’s Tulip Time

We celebrate National Tulipday

On the 3rd Saturday in January, we celebrate National Tulip Day, the start of the (cut) tulip season. At Museumplein in the center of Amsterdam, we will lay out a tulip picking garden with as many as 200,000 tulips. At 13:00, the garden will be opened and everyone can pick a free bunch of tulips. In 2024 our theme is Let's Dance! the garden was opened by DJ/Producer Hardwell.Our tulips will be on sale all over starting on National Tulip Day. Do you want to enjoy our tulip season digitally?We tell our story via our social media channels: Facebook TulipTime and Instagram

A new tulip

What will be the new name?

Before the opening the internationally renowned DJ/Producer Hardwell was honoured with his own tulip.It is a tribute to Hardwell. He is one of the most popular DJs in the world and his shows are full of energy. The new 'Hardwell' tulip, with a special flower shape and color scheme, was presented to the public for the first time on Tulip Day. The new tulip is personally selected by Hardwell and is presented by all Dutch tulip growers, united in Tulip Promotion Netherlands.

Opening hours

Be on time

At 13.00 the tulip picking garden opens to the public and you can pick your own bunch of tulips. The garden closes when the tulips are gone. Don't wait too long, join the queue.


An orchestra will provide a cozy Dutch atmosphere

The tulip picking garden is extremely popular; so make sure you join on time. The average waiting time is 60 minutes. Whilst you wait, you will be entertained in a cozy atmosphere with music. The mop orchestra plays typical Dutch songs that everyone can sing along.Our favorite song is: 'Tulpen uit Amsterdam'. In addition, you also have a viewpoint of the picking garden from the walkway, so you can admire the tulip garden and take your beautiful pictures.

Tulip Promotion organisation

Our volunteers

National Tulip Day is the day on which we celebrate the start of the tulip season. This day is made possible by all Dutch tulip growers, united through Tulip Promotion Netherlands . They ensure that this tulip celebration is a success and volunteer their time and tulips for you. You can recognize the volunteers by their cheerful orange jackets.

Pick your own tulipbouquet

Pick maximum 20 tulips in our unique tulip bag

At the entrance of the tulip picking garden you will receive a biodegradable tulip bag, just the right size for 20 tulips.The maximum amount is 20: so more visitors can pick their own tulipbouquet.

Tulip picking garden rules

The tulip party is a party for everyone

  1. Please take care of yourself and your personal belongings.
  2. You will receive a biodegradable tulip bag from the organisation to carry your bunch of tulips.
  3. Do not bring your own shopping bag into the picking garden.
  4. Pick your own bunch of tulips limited to maximum 20 stems and leave the rest for others to enjoy their bunch of spring happiness.
  5. Share your moment of tulip celebration with everyone you love using the hashtags #timefortulips #tuliptime.


What do you do with the bulb?

Is the bulb still attached to the flower?The bulb has given all the energy to make the tulip shine, so the bulb will not bloom again.What do you do with the bulb then? Leave the bulb attached to the tulips and place them in a vase with a small layer of water. Or cut the tulip bulb (obliquely) from the stem and place the tulips in a vase with plenty of clean water.You can use one big vase or a small amount of tiny vases. And enjoy the happiness of tulips.

How to take care of your tulips:

  • Place the tulips in paper in the vase for an hour. The tulips then absorb water and straighten up.
  • Choose a clean vase which is high enough as tulips will continue to grow a few more centimeters.
  • Cut about 1.5 cm (1inch) from the bottom of the stem.
  • Keep the tulips away from fruits and bright sun.
  • Tulips drink a lot of water, so top up the vase regularly.

Frequently asked questions about the tulip picking garden

Is your question included?

Since 2012, National Tulip Day has been celebrated with a colorful tulip picking garden in Amsterdam, these questions are asked the most:
The tulip picking garden opens to the public at 1 p.m. and closes when the tulips are gone. So join the queue on time.
The organisation will provide you with a special tulip bag (biodegradable), so you don’t have to worry about taking a bag with you. Per person you are allowed to pick max. 20 tulips.
You can pick up to 20 tulips per person, this is the amount that will fit perfectly in the bag. The tulips will remain in good condition until they reach your vase.
The tulip bulbs have given all their energy to the (cut) tulip and will not flower again.
The tulip picking garden is organised by Tulip Promotion Netherlands (TPN) to celebrate National Tulipday. This day marks the start of the (cut) tulip season.The foundation was established by over 500 tulip growers/breeders. Together they promote tulips worldwide.
You don't have to pay any entrance, to visit the tulip picking garden.
Dutch growers are very progressive in constantly seeking new and more sustainable solutions. Over the years, the tulip nursery sector has made an effort to produce a colorful product using less and less energy and with limited pesticides. This is possible because this cultivation under glass takes place in enclosed spaces. Virtually all tulips sold are certified. Tulip forcers meet the requirements established by the Dutch MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt = Environmental Programme for Ornamental Horticulture). The carbon footprint is also calculated, which is done over the entire growth process, from bulb to flower. Calculations by Milieu Centraal (Environment Central) show that tulips, within cut flowers, emit the least CO2 per bunch. This is because tulips are mainly forced on a large scale, locally and efficiently. Cut tulip farms are working with solar panels, LED lighting, re-circulating water use, minimal crop protection and doing trials with biocides. In this way, we are working toward a sustainable tulip world.  Bulb cultivationTulip bulb cultivation takes place in the open field. There, control of a number of fungal diseases is necessary to grow a good bulb for forcing. Consequently, tulip growers are deploying fewer and fewer resources to keep the crop as healthy as possible. Together with researchers and consultants, growers are committed to using fewer resources and applying new techniques to grow healthy bulbs, see: Project Green Tulip.